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The hardest part of the job search is getting the interviews. With Interview Rush we apply to jobs for you and get you interviews. You just focus on closing them.


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How does it work?

With Interview Rush we specialize in applying to jobs for candidates. Fill out the form below and tell us what kind of job you are looking for, what salary you are looking for, and provide us your resume. We'll optimize your resume and apply to jobs for you. When you get an interview we'll notify you. We charge $100 for your first interview, and then after that we don't charge anything until you get placed. Once you get placed we charge 3.5% of the salary of the job you take. If you don't take any job, we don't charge you beyond the $100

Have a question? We hold daily sessions where you can ask any questions. Or if you just want to get started use the form below to let us know what kind of job you are looking for. It typically takes 2 to 4 business days to get you setup, and two weeks to get your first interview.

“I lost my job during COVID and just bought a new house. I needed to get a new job and fast, not having a job was not an option. I started the process with Interview Rush and it was so helpful to have a team behind me. They got me over 20 interviews and I got multiple offers within 3 months.”

Matthew Schwartz

How Interview Rush Works

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Send us your information with this form. This will give us a good idea of what you are looking for

We'll reach out with a sample job list

We'll take your information and reach out with any questions about what kind of job you are looking for. We'll share a sample job list you can rate and a optimized resume we'll apply with.

You get your first interview!

Once we have a good resume, a job list you've reviewed, we'll start applying! It typically takes 1 to 3 weeks to get your first interview. At that point you can take the interview and leave or if you want to continue using the service we charge 3.5% of the salary of the job if we get you a job.

Why Interview Rush

  • Outsource the most time consuming process

    The hardest part of the interview process is spending the time required to get interviews. We specialize in this. Focus on prepping for interviews, not mindlessly applying to jobs.

  • Career Guidance

    Since we are applying for a number of candidates, we can see which job titles and which resume's are getting interviews. If we feel like you need to pivot to a similar job title or tweak your resume - we do that for you.

  • Job Applications

    We apply on the behalf of our candidates, to bring them interviews. 77% of our candidates found this the most useful aspect of working with Interview Rush, we bring candidates interviews.

Get your first interview!

Fill out this form to give us a background to you. This will give us all the information required to start applying on your behalf. Before we start applying you will recieve the updated resume and sample jobs we'll target. After you fill out this form you will be redirected to make the $100 payment. If you do not receive an interview in the first 4 weeks we will refund the payment. If you need to talk to someone please feel free to call 888-695-4928.

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